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The Sponsorship Committee is excited to announce a partnership with Yankee Candle Fundraising, offering premium products from the world’s #1 candle brand to raise funds that will support AHCAP educational efforts.  It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3
1: Our members share a special link and our group number with their friends and families who then purchase Yankee Candles online (orders ship directly to purchaser).  Even if you are not comfortable with sharing the link
     with your friends and family, you can contribute significantly by purchasing products for yourself or as gifts.
2: AHCAP receives 40% profit on all sales.
3: Profits go to the AHCAP Education Fund to enable more members to benefit from AHCAP’s
    education offerings.
AHCAP receives 40% Profit on all sales!
            The AHCAP Education Fund supports:
Our Group Number:  990095017
We encourage all members to participate in this fundraising effort to enable AHCAP to provide more of these benefits to more of our members, regardless of their employer’s ability to pay for their continuing education.
To thank you for your participation: (see Seller Login information below)
Important Dates:    
There are three ways you can easily help support our organization. 
FIRST, please click on the following link: AHCAP Shopping Page. This is our very own Yankee Candle shopping page and you can place an order.
SECOND, you can create a Seller’s Login to enlist friends and family from near and far to help our organization reach its goals.  Once on the site: click on the Seller login TAB and Sign Up to be a Seller, follow the simple instructions, verify your account and list email addresses of friends and family on your dashboard.  NOTE: You must sign up to be a seller in order for your sales to be tracked for eligibility for the $100 gift card.
THIRD, and the most convenient, check out the new MOBILE APP below.  Three simple steps; Download Free App, insert Group Number, send text and emails!   So easy, give it a try!
Thank you for your support of this AHCAP fundraising effort and we hope you enjoy your Yankee Candles!