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cHAP Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. I have earned my CAP certification through IAAP. Can I earn eligibility points for these?
A. No points are awarded solely for having earned the CAP designation. However, points will be awarded for the education, seminars and training you have obtained (CEUs) toward earning the CAP certification or recertification, upon proper documentation thereof.

Q. I am not able to complete the exam within two weeks of receiving the exam link from AHCAP, what should I do?
A. The examination must be completed within two weeks of receiving the exam link from AHCAP. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Q. I was not able to complete the exam within 90 minutes, and I was timed out prior to completing the exam. What should I do?
A. You have 90 minutes to complete the exam. After 90 minutes, the exam will automatically close. Your score will be based on the questions you completed within the 90 minute mark. No additional time will be granted.

Q. When taking the exam online can I go back and recheck my answers?
A. No. Once you select NEXT at the bottom of a page, you cannot return to a previous page.

Q. I experienced an internet or other computer-related problem which prevented me from completing the exam.
Please contact AHCAP Headquarters at (888) 320-0808 at the time of the error. If it is after business hours, please leave a detailed message with your name and contact information explaining the type of error, the message you received and when it occurred. AHCAP staff will verify the error and work with you to schedule a re-test.

Q. How can I pay for the cHAP application and exam fee?
All fees may be paid by money order, cashier's check, company check or personal check, payable to AHCAP. We also accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. There are also scholarships given annually for those wishing to seek certification. Contact AHCAP Headquarters for more information at

Q. Do I have to be a member of AHCAP to earn the cHAP designation?
No. Anyone in the healthcare administrative field who meets the eligibility requirements may apply for and earn the cHAP designation.

Q. Who created the cHAP certification?
The cHAP certification was created at the request of the AHCAP 2007 Advisory Council Chair, Gail Hazelwood in collaboration with the 2007 Education Committee and Certification Task Force. The exam questions are submitted by members of the Education Committee, Certification Task Force, Advisory Council and other healthcare resources.

Q. How often do I have to renew my cHAP designation?
In order to maintain the cHAP designation, certification must be renewed every three years.

Q. Is a college degree required to earn the cHAP designation?
No. The Traditional Track recognizes a variety of professional development activities, in addition to work history. It is possible to achieve the necessary number of points to be eligible to take the exam without having earned a college degree first.

Q. My application was denied because eligibility requirements have changed. How can that be since I'm using the handbook as my guide?
In order to maintain a substantive and valuable certification process, AHCAP leadership will regularly review criteria and exam content, and amend either to reflect changes in the healthcare administrative profession. As a result, cHAP requirements change periodically. Applicants are advised to check with AHCAP staff or on the website to make sure that they are using the most current application and handbook.